What’s the difference between STANDBY and HIBERNATE?

What’s the difference between STANDBY and HIBERNATE?

It happens all the time; you’re done using your laptop but rather than shut it down you decide to put it on “standby” or “hibernate” until you’re ready to use it again. So which one is it, standby or hibernate? Many people consider the two interchangeable – no difference at all.

Are you finding it hard to pick from a laptop or a tablet?  Both have similar features but are so different when you look at them in depth.  There isn’t an out and out winner when it comes to Laptop vs Tablets, but this guide below should hopefully break down the choices in order for you to find out which is the better one for you.


Tablets are a much smaller and slimmer design as we all know and this contributes to it having a larger battery life compared to a laptop. It doesn’t have to power a massive hard drive compared to a laptop  and only has to power a small screen.


When you talk about software and tablets you immediately associate them with apps, apps make it simple to enter and maneuver around sites via the touch screen. Laptops still use apps but on a smaller basis, but using the web browser will offer a smoother experience. When it comes to advanced gaming a laptop is the clear winner.


Tablets offer small compacted pixels knows as (PPI), this creates a sharp image and realistic image where as a laptops display is precise due to having a larger screen and allow the user to have a greater control whilst using it. So if you are going to be using your system for films and more of a hobby the tablet is probably for you but if your looking for more advanced precision then you cannot go wrong by going down the laptop route.

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